: : : Nina Takes a Lover
===Story=== Laura San Giacomo, introduced to us in the gangbuster role in ''sex, lies & videotape'' (1989), only appeared in a handful of empty independent films or small parts in blockbusters (Julia Roberts' best friend in ''Pretty Woman'') before nabbing the starring role in the TV series ''Just Shoot Me'' starting in 1997. ''Nina Takes a Lover'', a trite, cute comedy, finds San Giacomo as a wife who decides she deserves a break today and jumps into a lovable affair with a visiting British photographer (Paul Rhys). To first-time filmmaker Alan Jacobs's credit, he takes a earnest road, but the movie takes itself too seriously. Nina narrates her plight to a journalist (Michael O'Keefe) who notes these things (do we know anybody like this?) and before you can say ''Red Shoe Diaries'' she's igniting her love life. The film might have been more successful if it stayed as light as a Sandra Bullock vehicle (''While You Were Sleeping'' opened at the same time) although it showcases San Giacomo's leading-lady appeal and provides an interesting role for the brooding Rhys. There's a lovely score by Todd Boekelheide to boot. ''--Doug Thomas'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Laura San GiacomoNina
Paul RhysPhotographer
Michael O'KeefeJournalist
Fisher StevensPaulie

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