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Set in early 1900s London, this is the true story of how Scottish playwright and author James M. Barrie (Depp) struggled to bring to the stage for the first time a play called "Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up", which was inspired by his friendship with his neighbors, the Davies Brothers, George, Jack, Michael and Peter, whose father had abandoned them, and their dying mother, Sylvia (Winslet). As Barrie found himself becoming a surrogate father and role-model to the boys, and comfort to his dying neighbor, he was inspired to write a play about a magical place where people never grow up or die or have any worries... a Never-Neverland.


Johnny DeppSir James Matthew Barrie
Kate WinsletSylvia Llewelyn Davies
Julie ChristieMrs. Emma du Maurier
Radha MitchellMary Ansell Barrie
Dustin HoffmanCharles Frohman
Freddie HighmorePeter Llewelyn Davies
Joe ProsperoJack Llewelyn Davies
Luke SpillMichael Llewelyn Davies
Ian Hart'Peter Pan'
Mackenzie CrookMr. Jaspers
Toby Jones'Smee'
Paul WhitehouseStage Manager

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