Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End Of Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End Of Evangelion review
A "Not-so-sure" End to Evangelion


Originally billed as "the definitive/true" ending to the <i>Neon Genesis Evangelion</i> anime series, this movie presents the final 2 epiosdes as they were intended to be shown. While it's a great idea, it brings about one issue right away-if you have already seen <i>Death & Rebirth</i>, the first half of End Of Evangelion you've pretty much seen already. The biggest difference is copmpared to the anime, the movie's ending takes on a much, much darker tone featuring many rather disturbing, and shocking scenes. There's one big surprise, though, near the end as you'll finally see Rei & Shinji together...literally!<br>The question here really is, "does it provide a conclusive ending to the story"? I don't think so, given the ending here is almost everyone is going to die and it still leaves some questions answered. It is nice, though, to see the ending the way GAINAX intended to do this. If you have Death & Rebirth or have seen it, however, skip the first half of this DVD or just get this one instead so you're not wasting too much time.

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