: : : Negima! Magic 601: Magic and the Dark Arts

Negima! Magic 601: Magic and the Dark Arts

===Story=== The class of 2-A prepare for a party, unaware and unprepared for the looming disaster about to strike. One of the students recalls her dark past and succumbs to her fate, causing great pain to everyone that knew her. Nobody is more adversely affected than Negi, who desperately searches for a way to undo the tragedy, even considering demonic means to manage it. When attempting to use an invention created by a student to do it he unwittingly travels to the past, and drags his entire class along for the ride. They're about to get a history lesson they'll never forget, but can they save their dear classmate from her cruel destiny? ===DVD Features=== * Character Profiles * Schoolgirl Commentary * Tree of the World * Bloopers * Textless Songs * Trailers


Greg AyresNegi Springfield
Luci ChristianAsuna Kagurazaka
Laura BaileyAyaka Yukihiro, Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Monica RialKonoka, Kazumi Asakura, Satsuki Yotsuba
Leah ClarkNodoka Miyazaki
Brina PalenciaYue Ayase
Amy RosenthalChizuru
Caitlin GlassChachamaru Karakuri
Alison RetzloffFumika Narutaki, Fuuka Narutaki
Kate OxleyMakie Sasaki
Amber CottonYuna
Avery Rice-WilliamsAko
Carrie SavageZazie Rainyday
Christine AutenChigusa Amagasaki
Clarine HarpKaede Nagase
Colleen ClinkenbeardSakurako Shiina, Shizuna-sensei
Cynthia CranzFei Ku
Dana SchultesSetsuna Sakurazaki
Jamie MarchiHaruna
Jayme WestmanSatomi
Jenny PhaganAkira Ookouchi

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