: : : Najica Blitz Tactics Vol 3
===Story=== Super agent Najica Hiiragi and her Humaritt partner Lila have their hands full! Humaritts are androids trained for absolute obedience; but when the Humaritt Elith rejects a decision by her master, the rebel leader Athena, the CRI agents can't prevent the tragic results. Then a call from Gento's long-lost friend Yoshiki has Najica and Lila racing to save the scientist and his lover, the Humaritt Serina, from the forces of Dr. Renika Ren (the creator of all Humaritts). The greatest danger, however, just might be Serina's desire to protect Yoshiki! To end the Humaritt threat, Shinba Industrial attacks Dr. Ren's secret underground laboratory in an abandoned city. A massive battle erupts with Dr. Ren's android army, including the awesome Humaritt X. Inside the lab, Lila befriends a mysterious boy called Alpha, and Najica suspects Dr. Ren isn't what she appears to be. But time is short: a military air strike is set to level the city. Don't miss the awesome conclusion of Najica Blitz Tactics! ===DVD Features=== *Japanese 2.0 Language *English 5.1 Language *English Subtitles *Clean Opening & Closing Animation *Production Sketches *Audio commentary by David Williams (ADV Director), Kira Vincent Davis (Najica) and Monica Rial (Lila) *Delinquent Circle of Ekoda music video


Yumi Touma
Kira Vincent Davis
Andy McAvin
Monica Rial
Juri Ihata

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Mar 24, 05 11:06am

The final volume of Najica definitely pulls out all the stops right from the start. No...

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