Najica Blitz Tactics Vol 1 review
Good stuff that you've likely seen before


Another series from Studio Fantasia, known for "fan-friendly" anime, this series will seem familliar to fans of "Agent Aika", given Fantasia did both series. This one is both better and worse than Aika in some ways.
The story revolves around Najica Hiiragi, a perfumer for CRI Cosmetics. At least by day, as CRI is really just a cover for Najica's real work-a sexy secret agent going undercover to find and retrieve Humaritts-robots taking on human female form and trained to obey only their masters. Things get more complex when Najica is paired up with Lila, a Humaritt herself, and must learn how to work with her not-necessarily human partner.
Of course since this is a Studio Fantasia title, there's over-the-top fanservice, namely you'll see a lot of panties throughout. But the shots are not as gratuitous as in Agent Aika, good for some, bad for others. On the flip side, there's a bit more action as well, lots of girlfights too, and more of a devoted storyline. I don't really like the music, though-appropriate but quite repetitive.
Overall, in some ways it's like Aika but I feel Najica is a bit more polished in many ways, namely in storyline & production quality. Long-term I prefer Aika a bit more but this title is still good if you're into spy series of just like seeing lots of panties. It's an OK start to the series but it gets better later on.

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