: : : Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water - Nemo's Fortress (Vol. 5)


From the depths of Atlantis, the crew of the Nautilus must now journey to the frozen continent of Antarctica. On board the submarine, Jean throws himself into his work in order to bring happiness to Nadia and earn the crew's respect as an adult. However, he finds the responsibility of adulthood can be the most difficult burden of all. Once at Antarctica, Nadia must confront the truth about Captain Nemo and her own mysterious past. Will all be revealed before Gargoyle's final trap is sprung? Enter the world of Nadia once again, and discover the answers in another wonder-filled adventure!

DVD Features

  • Animated
  • Color
  • DVD-Video
  • NTSC


Noriko Hidaka
Akio Ohtsuka

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