: : : Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

===Story=== ''Mystery Science Theater 3000'' experienced a changing of the guard with this fifth-season episode. Departed series creator and lead Joel Hodgson was replaced by head writer Mike Nelson, playing a hapless temp named... Mike Nelson, who was sent into space to cover for Hodgson's escape. The opening credit sequence and title theme (warbled by Nelson) were also new, but the show's basic premise--poking fun at atrocious B movies--remained the same. Nelson's debut "experiment" is the delirious 1960 head-transplant horror ''The Brain That Wouldn't Die''. And while Nelson is occasionally stiff, particularly during the invention exchange (a longtime Hodgson staple, and soon to be excised), he and robot pals Crow and Tom Servo rise to the occasion during the film, which is filled with memorable zingers (Crow: "He's keeping her alive with Grey Poupon!"). Rhino's DVD presents the uncut, slightly gory version of ''Brain'' with and without the ''MST3K'' treatment. ''--Paul Gaita''


Trace Beaulieu
Joel Hodgson
Kevin Murphy (II)
Michael J. Nelson

  • Genre: TV
  • Director: Kevin Murphy (II)
  • Producer: Rhino
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaNov 24, 1988
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaApr 25, 2000
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