: : : Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Red Zone Cuba

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Red Zone Cuba

===Story=== If Coleman Francis had never existed, he would have been invented by the writers of ''MST3K'' just for the perverse enjoyment of ridiculing him. Here the director of the jaw-droppingly inept ''The Beast of Yucca Flats'' tries his hand at a jailbreak film, which takes a surreal veer into an American invasion of Cuba apparently hampered by military budget cuts ("Once all seven of them are in place, the invasion really begins") before ending up in an American tungsten mine. Why? Who knows, but the bots have a ball skewering the film with some of their funniest comments ("I want to hurt this movie but I can never hurt it the way it hurt me") and Mike Nelson becomes so disturbed he turns into Carol Channing. Believe it or not, costar John Carradine rasps out the theme song "Night Train to Mundo Fine" (which was the film's original title). ''--Sean Axmaker''


Trace Beaulieu
Joel Hodgson
Kevin Murphy (II)
Michael J. Nelson

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