===Story=== ''My Tutor'' starts with an aerobics class gyrating their hips to the strains of some outdated disco, leading the viewer to believe that it's another trashy sex comedy. But the movie--about Bobby (Matt Lattanzi), a young man whose father hires an attractive French tutor so that he can get into Yale--soon splits in two: part of it follows the comically desperate attempts of the hero's friend (played by the ever-quirky Crispin Glover, from ''River's Edge'' and the ''Back to the Future'' movies) to get laid; part of it follows the developing relationship of Bobby and Terry (Caren Kaye), the tutor, as they become lovers. The getting-laid story line is goofy and filled with gratuitous breasts, but the story of Bobby and Terry is surprisingly tender and, in its way, realistic. Terry comes across as intelligent and independent, she controls the progress of the relationship, and their sex is more affectionate and comfortable than the dehumanizing ''9 1/2 Weeks'' hijinks one might expect. ''My Tutor'' isn't anything profound or even particularly well made, but--unlike most softcore features--it isn't leering or misogynist either. By the end, it's downright sweet and sincere. Also featuring cameos by B-movie starlets Kitten Natividad and Jewel Shepard. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) *Photo Gallery *Animated Bios *Naughty Bits Guide


Matt LattanziBobby Chrystal
Kevin McCarthyMr. Chrystal
Arlene GolonkaMrs. Chrystal
Crispin GloverJack
John VargasManuel
Maria MelendezMaria
Graem McGavinSylvia
Kitten NatividadAna Maria

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