: : : My Stepmother Is an Alien
===Story=== The title pretty much says it all, folks: A beauteous E.T. cozies up to an eccentric scientist (a disarmingly straight Dan Ackroyd) in an attempt to save her dying planet and falls in love in the process. Much wackiness ensues. Art it ain't, but this likably lightweight film does deliver the laughs, with assured leading performances (for once, Kim Basinger's formica loveliness is utilized as an effective comedic asset), a surprisingly bawdy sense of humor, and a riotous supporting turn by a then dewy-fresh Jon Lovitz. Good, undemanding fun. ''--Andrew Wright'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


Dan AykroydSteven Mills
Kim BasingerCeleste Martin
Jon LovitzRon Mills
Alyson HanniganJessie Mills
Joseph MaherLucas Budlong
Seth GreenFred Glass
Harry ShearerCarl Sagan
Juliette LewisLexie
Earl BoenReverend

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