: : : My Life in Ruins
===Story=== Georgia, a Greek-American making a living in the motherland, is stuck in a bit of a rut. She spends her days dragging clueless, apathetic tourists around awe-inspiring Greek ruins, and despite the romantic atmosphere, she spends her nights in dreary solitude. Then one day a tourist named Irv snaps her out of her funk and teaches her how to get her mojo back. Meanwhile, love lurks in the most unexpected of places -- at the front of the tour bus, behind a quiet facade and a ridiculous beard.


Nia VardalosGeorgia
Richard DreyfussIrv
Harland WilliamsBig Al
Rachel DratchKim
Caroline GoodallMrs. Tullen
Ian OgilvyMr. Tullen
Brian PalermoMarc
Alexis GeorgoulisPoupi
Sophie StuckeyCaitlin
Maria BottoLala
Sheila BernetteDorcas
Ralph Nossek (II)Kooky Senior
Bernice StegersKooky Senior

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