: : : My Girl 2
===Story=== Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Anna Chlumsky return as the offbeat Sultenfuss family in this enchanting sequel to My Girl. The year is 1974. Vada (Anna Chlumsky - My Girl, The Mommy Market) is now 13 years old, and living with her father (Dan Aykroyd - Ghostbusters, Sneakers) and pregnant stepmother (Jamie Lee Curtis - True Lies, Forever Young). When one of her teachers gives an assignment about the life and achievements of someone she's never met, Vada chooses her late mother as the subject. Her research soon leads her to Los Angeles, to stay with Uncle Phil (Richard Masur), his likeable girlfriend (Christine Ebersol), and her streetsmart son, Nick (Austin O'Brien - Last Action Hero). Guided by Nick through the city of Los Angeles in search of clues to her late mother's history, Vada makes some surprising discoveries about her roots and also about herself as she confronts the uncertainties of adolescence - first love, first kisses and her place in a changing family. ===DVD Features=== *PAL


Dan AykroydHarry Sultenfuss
Jamie Lee CurtisShelly Sultenfuss
Anna ChlumskyVada Sultenfuss
Austin O'BrienNick Zsigmond
Richard MasurPhil Sultenfuss
Christine EbersoleRose Zsigmond
JD SoutherJeffrey Pommeroy
Angeline BallMaggie Muldovan
Aubrey MorrisAlfred Beidermeyer
Gerrit GrahamDr. Sam Helburn
Ben SteinStanley Rosenfeld
Wendy SchaalEmily Pommeroy

Jan 6, 13 8:41am
Better then the first one MyGirl2
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