: : : My Fuhrer
===Story=== It is December 1944. Berlin lies in ruins from the Allied bombings, and European part of World War 2 is as good as lost. Joseph Goebbels is convinced that all the country needs is a speech to reinvigorate the German nation from the Führer. The problem is that Adolf is only a shadow of his former self; a demoralized and depressed man who hides in his office and avoids contact with the public. The only man who can help is Germany's finest acting teacher, Adolf Grünbaum – a Jew. Goebbels rushes the teacher and his family out of a concentration camp and gets them set up in the Reich Chancellery, with only a few days for the Führer to return to his best form. Professor Grünbaum employs everything he knows in his work with the Führer, from relaxation exercises to psychotherapy. When he takes Hitler back to his difficult childhood, the man's traumatic memories bring him to tears. Will the Führer be able to do his speech without problems? Or will he become his worst enemy? ===DVD Features===


Helge SchneiderAdolf Hitler
Ulrich MüheProf. Adolf Israel Grünbaum
Sylvester GrothDr. Joseph Goebbels
Adriana AltarasElsa Grünbaum
Stefan KurtAlbert Speer
Ulrich NoethenHeinrich Himmler
Lambert HamelObergruppenführer Rattenhuber
Udo KroschwaldMartin Bormann
Torsten MichaelisSS-Wachmann Moltke
Axel WernerErich Kempka
Victor ScheféRottenführer Puffke
Lars RudolphKammerdiener Heinz Linge
Wolfgang BeckerKZ-Kommandant Banner
Bernd StegemannDr. Morell
Shawn KarlborgAdam Grünbaum

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