: : : My Fellow Americans
===Story=== Call this "The Odd Couple Goes to the White House." Jack Lemmon and James Garner play ex-presidents in this lousy comedy, each of them having served only one term as chief executive and each the other's lifelong enemy. The best jokes in the film are front-loaded into the first five minutes. We meet both men living life after the White House, one (Lemmon) making speeches for whoever will front his large fee, while the other (Garner) writes relevant books no one reads. Any time they show up at the same function, they insult each other like snarling schoolboys. It is pretty funny, but after a brief introduction ''My Fellow Americans'' goes downhill rapidly, becoming yet another stupid road movie traveled by characters who hate each other. (How many of these is Lemmon going to make?) The jokes get dumber and cruder, the actors embarrass themselves, and the whole enterprise becomes tedious. The DVD release contains production notes, theatrical trailer, bloopers, optional Spanish and French soundtracks, optional full-screen and widescreen presentations, and Dolby audio. ''--Tom Keogh''


Jack LemmonPresident Russell P. Kramer
James GarnerPresident Matt Douglas
Dan AykroydPresident William Haney
John HeardVice President Ted Matthews
Wilford BrimleyJoe Hollis
Lauren BacallMargaret Kramer
Sela WardKaye Griffin
Everett McGillCol. Paul Tanner
Bradley WhitfordCarl Witnaur
James RebhornCharlie Reynolds
Esther RolleRita
Conchata FerrellWoman Truck Driver
Jack KehlerWayne
Connie RayGenny
Tom EverettNSA Agent Wilkerson
Wayne DuvallChet
Paul FeigReporter #2
Michael PeñaErnesto
Ann CusackWhite House Tour Guide

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