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===Story=== This boy-and-his-dog movie, a nonpareil family film, is, as one of the characters so aptly puts it, "a heartbreak waiting to happen." Frankie Muniz, winning over audiences in the TV series ''Malcolm in the Middle'', has competition in ''My Dog Skip''--Skip himself (adorably played by a total of six Jack Russell terriers). Muniz, an inveterate charmer, stars as Willie Morris (from whose memoir the film is adapted), a gawky, awkward boy growing up during World War II under an overly protective father (Kevin Bacon). When his mom (Diane Lane) gives him Skip on his 9th birthday, his life is changed in every way for the better. Previously disinterested peers become pals, and he experiences puppy love with a girl named Rivers (Caitlin Wachs). There are plenty of high jinks and rah-rah touches of Americana, and the film also attempts to deal with sophisticated emotions--Willie's boyhood hero turns out to be less than heroic--but its devastating emotional core comes, simply and obviously, with Skip's eventual aging and demise. Dog lovers will be wiped out; those who don't care for canines shouldn't even be bothering to read this review. (Ages 8 and older) ''--David Kronke''


Frankie MunizWillie Morris
Diane LaneEllen Morris
Luke WilsonDink Jenkins
Kevin BaconJack Morris
Cody LinleySpit McGee
Caitlin WachsRivers Applewhite
Clint HowardMillard
Harry Connick Jr.Narrator

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its i good and sad movie. MyDogSkip
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