: : : Multiplicity
===Story=== An inevitable idea: a working man (Michael Keaton) who can't meet all his professional and family responsibilities has himself cloned. It works so well having one copy of himself to take charge of matters at the office that he makes another copy who takes care of the home front. Pretty soon, different aspects of Keaton's personality are emphasized in the different clones: the laborer becomes a macho creep and the domestic god becomes rather feminine. A third clone, struck from the duplicates instead of the original, becomes like a photocopy of a photocopy: inferior. This timely comedy should be better than it is, but special-effects requirements are so labor-intensive that most scenes feel stiff and leaden. Keaton is good in all four parts, and in certain gee-whiz effects scenes, where he even high-fives himself, he pulls off a minor miracle or two. (Of course, a kid did the same thing in Disney's 1998 remake of ''The Parent Trap''.) The DVD release includes optional widescreen and standard formats and optional French and Spanish soundtracks. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Michael KeatonDoug Kinney
Andie MacDowellLaura Kinney
Zack DuhameZack Kinney
Harris YulinDr. Leeds
Richard MasurDel King
Eugene LevyVic
Ann CusackNoreen
John de LancieTed
Brian Doyle-MurrayWalt
Obba BabatundePaul
Julie BowenRobin
Jim PiddockMaitre d'
Glenn ShadixBuilding Inspector

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