: : : Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
===Story=== Inventive, tuneful retelling of ''The Wind in the Willows'' by filmmaker Terry Jones (''Erik the Viking''), and costarring many of his ''Monty Python'' pals. The film relies on creative dramatics and subtle costumes to show the human actors playing the various animal characters. We follow Mr. Mole (Steve Coogan), whose home is destroyed by a feisty band of weasels who want to make over the peaceful "wild wood" for economic means. Rat (Eric Idle) and the noble Badger (Nicol Williamson) are enlisted to help, but the rich and foolish Mr. Toad (Jones) and his enthusiasm for automobiles--and his ability to wreck them--soon lay waste to his friends' noble efforts. Python members Michael Palin and John Cleese have small roles as, respectively, the all-knowing Sun and Mr. Toad's lawyer. Three-time Oscar winner James Acheson (''The Last Emperor'') provides the delightful costumes and production design. The film is not as fun as ex-Python member Terry Gilliam's creative films (''Time Bandits'') but this is one of those films that deserves an audience. It languished for two years, with only very limited release in U.S. movie theaters. As with ''Time Bandits'', the PG rating is for shenanigans and comic gunplay. ''--Doug Thomas''


Steve CooganMole
Eric IdleRat
Terry JonesToad
Antony SherChief Weasel
Nicol WilliamsonBadger
John CleeseMr. Toad's Lawyer
Stephen FryThe Judge
Bernard HillThe Engine Driver
Michael PalinThe Sun
Nigel PlanerThe Car Salesman
Julia SawalhaThe Jailer's Daughter
Victoria WoodThe Tea Lady
Robert BathurstSt John Weasel
Graham McTavishThe Drunken Weasel

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