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Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean

===Story=== Bean, Bean, maniacal nut / The more you watch, you bust a gut! First unleashed in 1989, this sketch series was embraced by PBS viewers in the United States. In the tradition of the great silent clowns, Rowan Atkinson created a character with universal and multi-generational appeal (the sketches have little dialogue and are driven by often ingenious physical comedy). Like Bart Simpson, the resourceful, mischievous, and sometimes malevolent Bean is the inner child incarnate who acts on the impulses polite society normally represses. Atkinson has described Bean as "a 9-year-old boy, with an apparent lack of worldly experience, but an ingenuity that is quite clever in dealing with problems presented to him." These problems include not knowing a single answer on an exam, tactfully disposing of a revolting restaurant meal, changing into his swimsuit at the beach without first removing his pants, and, most hilariously, getting a turkey stuck on his head (a classic bit reprised in the ill-conceived 1997 feature film). Atkinson has enjoyed some mainstream success stateside. He was the nervous minister ("...your awfully wedded wife") in ''Four Weddings and a Funeral'', and the voice of Zazu in ''The Lion King''. But he mainly enjoys cult status among British comedy aficionados as a founding member of ''Not the Nine O'Clock News'' and the star of the ''Black Adder'' series. Bean is his crowning creation. In addition to all 14 episodes, this generous boxed set contains previously unaired sketches, Comic Relief appearances, and a segment about Bean's creation, which serves as a nifty introduction for the uninitiated. It also contains a preview for the new ''Mr. Bean'' animated series. This seems redundant. As this collection hilariously demonstrates, Bean is already animated enough. ''--Donald Liebenson'' ===DVD Features=== * Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo) * 14 episodes on 3 DVDs: Mr. Bean, The Return of Mr. Bean, The Curse of Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean Goes to Town, The Trouble with Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean Rides Again, Merry Christmas Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean in Room 426, Mind the Baby Mr. Bean, Do It Yourself Mr. Bean, Back to School Mr. Bean, Tee Off Mr. Bean, Good Night Mr. Bean, Hair by Mr. Bean of London * "The Story of Bean" documentary (40 min.) * Never-before-seen-on-TV sketches: "Bus Stop" and "Library" * Comic relief skits: "Blind Date" and "Torvill & Bean" * "Mr. Bean: The Animated Series" trailer * Photo gallery * Rowan Atkinson biography and filmography * Number of discs: 3


Rowan AtkinsonMr. Bean
Richard BriersMr. Sprout
Roger Lloyd-PackThe Waiter
Angus DeaytonThe Pool Attendant
Nick HancockThe Camera Thief
Richard WilsonThe Dentist
Caroline QuentinThe Traffic Warden
Rupert VansittartHubert
David SchneiderKarate Instructor
Alan CummingRoddy
Sophie ThompsonGirlfriend

  • Genre: TV
  • Director: Mel Smith
  • Producer: A&E Video
  • Length: 300 Min
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJan 1, 1990
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaApr 29, 2003
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