: : : Most Extreme Elimination Challenge - Season One

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge - Season One

===Story=== MXC (also known as Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) is the ultimate take on extreme reality sports competition. A side-splitting cross between Mystery Science Theater 3000, What's Up Tiger Lilly, and the X Games, each episode pits two teams (such as America's Meat Handlers and the Cartoon Voice-Over Actors) competing in some of the funniest, most hazardous games ever conceived on television. Equally compelling is the hilarious rapid fire commentary by hosts Vic Romano and Kenny Blankership, field marshal Captain Tenneal and sideline reporter Guy LeDouche. ===DVD Features=== *Select Episode Commentary *Original Episode of Takeshi's Castle (Episode #93) *MXC Original Sales Presentation Demo *Kenny Blankenship's Top 10 Most Painful Eliminations of the Season


Takeshi Kitano

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