Insanity Prevails' Moon Phase - Phase 1 Review

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Dark Arcanine Jul 17, 09
Ah a well done combination of light and dark, meaning it doesn't fail like the Harry Potter movies? Interesting inclusion of menu design, I don't think it's something people consider much when discussing a DVD. The pictures surprise me too, with quite humble clothing for anime is it always like that? Cat ears would put me off though, a bit typical.
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Insanity Prevails Jul 18, 09
Eh, the cat ears just seem to fit Hazuki's innocent persona. It does get a little much later in the series though when several other characters start wearing them at times.

Humble clothing? Well, there are shrine maidens later on and Hazuki and Elfride put on some interesting outfits. Mostly though I guess it is more humble than other anime, especially with the male characters.