: : : Moon Child
===Story=== It's the year 2014 and Japan has suffered a major economic collaps, forcing it's people to migrate to different parts of the world. In a small part of Asia there is a city called Mallepa, where many people fight for order, freedom and food. When orphan Sho (Gackt) finds Kei (Hyde) a vampire on the brink of death, he saves him, and they soon become best friends. When Sho's childhood friend Toshi (Taro Yamamoto) is kidnapped and killed, both Sho and Kei are soon thrust into a world of violence, murder and hatred. Will they survive? ===DVD Features=== *Color *Subtitled *Widescreen *NTSC


Lee-Hom WangSon
Taro YamamotoToshi
Susumu TerajimaShinji
Zeny KwokYi-Che

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