: : : Monkey Trouble
===Story=== A movie only a kid could love, which was the whole point. Harvey Keitel plays a small-time thief who performs as an organ grinder on the boardwalk at Venice Beach. His scam involves his monkey, which has been trained to pick pockets. Now a mob boss wants to borrow the monkey to pull off some big scores--but the monkey runs away and is adopted by a lonely little girl (Thora Birch). She finds herself in increasingly hot water when her new pet starts bringing her the valuables of everyone in the neighborhood. Birch is a natural young actress, while Keitel hams it up shamelessly (he reportedly made the film to amuse his young daughter). ''--Marshall Fine''


Thora BirchEva
Harvey KeitelAzro
Mimi RogersAmy
Christopher McDonaldTom
Alison ElliottTessa
Victor ArgoCharlie
Remy RyanKatie
Adam LaVorgnaMark
Jo ChampaAnnie
John LafayetteCates
Gerry BednobMr. Rao
Aaron LustigStore Manager
Frank WelkerSpecial Vocal Effects

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