: : : Monk - Season Six
===Story=== Tony Shalhoub returns as the brilliant but phobia-laden detective Adrian Monk, who never lets his obsessive-compulsive disorder stop him from solving a crime in the most ingenious way imaginable. Guest stars this season include Alfred Molina, David Koechner, Sarah Silverman, Snoop Dogg, Angela Kinsey and Vincent Ventresca. ===DVD Features=== *Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan Video Commentary by Writer/Executive Producer Andy Breckman *Mr. Monk and The Naked Man Video Commentary by Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross *Mr. Monk and The Bad Girlfriend Video Commentary By Writer Joe Toplyn *Mr. Monk and The Birds And The Bees Video Commentary By Writer Peter Wolk *Mr. Monk and The Buried Treasure Video Commentary By Writer/Co-Executive Producer Jonathon Collier *Mr. Monk and The Wrong Man Video Commentary By Writer Sal Savo *Mr. Monk Is Up All Night Video Commentary with Writer David Breckman *Mr. Monk Is Up All Night Audio Commentary with Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, Executive Producer David Hoberman, and Director/Executive Producer Randall Zisk


Tony ShalhoubAdrian Monk
Traylor HowardNatalie Teeger
Jason Gray-StanfordLt. Randall Disher
Ted LevineCaptain Leland Stottlemeyer
Sarah SilvermanMarci Maven
Snoop DoggMurderuss/Russell Kroy
Diedrich BaderChance Singer
Alfred MolinaPeter Magneri
Angela KinseyArlene Boras
Stanley KamelDr. Charles Kroger
Emmy ClarkeJulie Teeger
Tim BagleyHarold Krenshaw
David KoechnerJoey Krenshaw
Tim De ZarnMax Barton
Lucinda JenneyZena Davis
Larry MillerGarrett Price
Howie MandelRalph Roberts
Adam KaufmanBrother Ted
John Ross BowieTom Donovan
Dan CastellanetaTiny Werner
John HawkesMatthew Teeger
Peter StormarePetya Lovak
Scott GlennSheriff Rollins
Melora HardinTrudy Monk
Ray PorterDale 'The Whale' Biederbeck

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