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Mommy & Me - Splish Splash

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===Story=== Join Walter the talking radio (Tim Conway), Rosebud the talking flower (Caroline Rhea), the singing Goldfish sisters, and a play group of mothers and children as they sing, dance, and contemplate fun with water in this 40-minute video. Finger play, animation, and puppetry accompany favorite songs like "Six Little Ducks," "Down by the Bay," and "Sailing, Sailing" and inspire a lot of viewer participation. An animated telling of the "The Frog Prince" brings the classic story to life; "Rosebud's Kitchen" serves up a fun recipe for Upside-Down Sand Cake; and a beautifully photographed nature segment introduces Chopin's Prelude in D-flat Major. Mommy and Me founder and early-childhood specialist Dr. Cindy Nurik follows the program with details of the educational benefits of the material presented and offers several concrete suggestions for further interactive play and learning. The intriguing world of water awaits children up to age 5 and their parents. ''--Tami Horiuchi''


Fun With Mommy & Me
Cindy Nurik

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