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Ater Colony 197...Two years have passed since the end of Operation Meteor. With the galaxy at peace, the Gundam pilots prepare to destroy their Gundams so they will never be used again. But when Relena Darilan is kidnapped by terrorists led by the daughter of the former Oz leader, the pilots must take their Gundams into battle one last time. But this time they also have to fight one of their own...
This DVD contains both the unedited movie version and the original 3-episode OVA version.

DVD Features

Japanese Audio/Dialogue
English Subtitles
Textless Opening/Closing
Special Edition Foil DVD Cover
Theatrical Trailers
MS Encyclopedia


Mark Hildreth
Scott McNeil
Kirby Morrow
ted Cole
Enuka Okuma

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This film was designed to be something of a follow-up/definitive conclusion to the...

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