Mobile Suit Gundam Wing DVD Box Set


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing DVD Box Set review
An Operation worth participating in


This was not only the first Gundam title to reach the US on DVD, but it might be the best to date. There's really a lot to like about this-excellent animation, cool-looking robots, a very intriguing (and hard to figure out) storyline, beautiful character designs, and plenty of action.<br>Although the storyline is difficult to follow at first, once you've seen the whole series and go through again you'll have a better idea of how to figure it out-it's like a good logic problem in many ways between the plot twists and character allegiance changes. In many ways the plot can be likened to "Star Wars" in how it plays out. Plus it's fun to keep guessing about what will happen next in the "doomed from the start" relationship between two of the main characters, something that heightens the interest level too.<br>There's really not much to dislike, as the story moves at a good pace and there's enough action to keep almost everyone satisfied, plus all the backstage stuff adds that extra level of intrigue and keeps you guessing.<br>If you're just starting out with Gundam, this is an excellent place to start. Make sure you pick up Endless Waltz as well, but don't watch it until you finish the whole series!

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