Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie Trilogy

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The classic that started it convenient take-home size!

The good:

Perfectly translated from the original. Includes footage not seen in the anime series.

The bad:

Not a whole lot of stuff you haven't seen if you've watched the anime series.


The follow-up to the 1970s anime classic "Mobile Suit Gundam", this trilogy takes the series and compresses it into 3 different movies, plus adds some previously unseen footage. The series, based loosely on the "Star Wars" trilogy, chronicles an ongoing war in space for supremacy and advancing technology, largely fought with humanoid robots known as "Mobile Suits".
Although the quality of animation wasn't as good 25 years ago as it is today, it's very good for its time. The action sequences are well-drawn, and the accompanying music is very appropriate. The storyline moves along at a nice pa...