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In the year Universal Century 0079. Amuro Ray finds himself caught up in the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. He unwillingly becomes the pilot of a prototype Mobile Suit called the Gundam. Now he and the crew of the spaceship "White Base" will have to fight for their very lives as the enemy attempts to destroy this new weapon at all costs. Based on the anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam".

DVD Features

- Dolby Digital 5.1-Japanese
- Aspect Ratio - 4:3
- Interactive Menu
- Scene Select
- Color Screen Printed Disk
- Newly Remastered Transfer
- Japanese Stereo Audio (Movie I)
- Original Japanese Mono Track (Movie II & Movie III)


Toru Furuya
Shuuichi Ikeda

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The follow-up to the 1970s anime classic "Mobile Suit Gundam", this trilogy takes the...

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