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In the year Cosmic Era (CE) 71, a war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) breaks out. The Earth Alliance catches up in technology after ZAFT has a head start building giant man-piloted robots called mobile suits. Immediately, four of the Earth Alliance's five new mobile suits called Gundams are stolen by ZAFT, with the remaining Gundam falling on the hands of a young Earth Alliance pilot.

DVD Features

  • Animated
  • Color
  • Dolby
  • Subtitled
  • NTSC


Soichiro Hoshi
Kotono Mitsuishi
Rie Tanaka
Akira Ishida
Naomi Shindo
Takehito Koyasu

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Also have The Rumbling universe But the box and disk both say Sky instead of Universe MobileSuitGundamSEEDArchangelsFight
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