Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team: Miller's Report


Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team: Miller's Report review
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Originally released as a follow-up/side story to the 08th MS Team series, Miller's report ultimately turns out to be not much more than a boring re-do and a medium to promote a video game.
The movie is basically a re-telling of the first 8 episodes of the 08th MS Team as seen through the eyes of Alice Miller, a federation soldier sent to investigate allegiations that Shiro Amada has been spying for the Zeon forces they are supposed to be fighting. It's told through original footage and some scenes that were not seen originally, and ends at about the same point where episode 8 of the main series did.
While the new footage certainly is nice, there's just not enough to make it worth sitting through, and it's rather short (only 55 minutes) so the story feels quite rushed. The DVD extras are mainly clips from a PS2 Gundam game which, although a good way to spend 25 minutes, aren't worth it if you don't have a PS2 system to actually play the game on!
While it's nice to see an alternate angle of the main story, this movie just has too many flaws and is not long enough to warrant the price tag. I'd say go ahead and skip this one.

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