: : : Mobile Fighter G Gundam Box Set 4
===Story=== The final match of the Gundam Fight has begun, and Domon must once again defeat his friends to claim the title "Gundam Of Gundams". But it is not without cost, as Master Asia dies after Domon's victory and Rain is kidnapped by Wong to pilot the Dark Gundam's evolved form, Ultimate Gundam. All the Gundams team up to defeat the Ultimate Gundam and save Earth, but is it enough? This Box Set contains episodes 37-49 on 3 DVDs. ===DVD Features=== Japanese Audio/Dialogue
English Subtitles
Interviews with Director Yasuhiro Imagawa


Aya Hisakawa
Tomokazu Seki
Narumi Hidaka
Yuri Amano
Yosuke Akimoto

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