Mobile Fighter G Gundam Box Set 1 review
Everybody was Gundam Fighting...


Now here's something I thought I'd never see-a Gundam title that imitates Street Fighter! But lo and behold, here it is...<br>It's important to note that there actually is a legitimate storyline behind all the fighting: The Gundam Fight is kind of like an Olympics of sorts, held every 4 years to determine which colony gets to rule until next time. That's where all the fighting comes in, and it's surprisingly intense at times. Plus there's a story behind the story, as one competitor is actually sent to retrieve a missing Gundam believed stolen by his brother.<br>If nothing else, the change in storyline compared to other Gundam series is quite refreshing. I always found myself wondering, "What if Gundam ever did something like Street Fighter?" The result is a lot of action and a rather compelling storyline. It's worth checking out if you're a fighting fan or a Gundam fan just looking for something different.<br>By the way, DO NOT read The "G-Files" Extras before watching the anime-you will spoil key parts!

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