: : : Mo' Money
===Story=== Sort of comedy, sort of not, this film--cowritten, coproduced, and co-starring Damon Wayans--concerns a loser who takes an entry-level job at a credit company to impress a girl and soon gets caught up in fraud and blackmail. Marlon Wayans, Damon's brother, costars as a confederate in the chicanery. The film is meant to be both a jokefest and an edgy drama--the criminal activity is treated as a dark and serious matter--and the result is that ''Mo' Money'' succeeds on neither level. ''--Tom Keogh''


Damon WayansJohnny Stewart
Stacey DashAmber Evans
Joe SantosLt. Raymond Walsh
John DiehlKeith Heading
Harry LennixTom Dilton
Marlon WayansSeymour Stewart
Mark BeltzmanChris Fields
Jackie HoffmanJill
Bernie MacClub Doorman

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