: : : Mission Impossible 2
===Story=== Visually stunning, and a likely must for John Woo aficionados, the second ''Mission: Impossible'' outing from megastar Tom Cruise suffers from an inconsistent tone and tired plot devices--not only recycled from other films, but repeated throughout the film. Despite remarkable cinematography and awe-inspiring, trademark Woo photography, the movie offers a tepid story from legendary screenwriter-director Robert Towne (''Chinatown'', ''Without Limits'') and a host of other writers, most uncredited. It is, regrettably, as forgettable as the first big-budget, big box-office ''MI'' in 1996, and it's clear (as Towne confirms) that the plot was developed around Woo- and Cruise-written action sequences. The film combines equal elements of romance and action, and is best when it features the stunning allure of Thandie Newton as Nyah, a master thief recruited by the sinewy charms of Ethan Hunt (a fit Cruise). Deeply in love after a passionate night, the couple must then combat MI nemesis (and Nyah's former lover) Sean Ambrose (''Ever After'''s Dougray Scott). Ambrose holds hostage a virus and its cure, and offers them to the highest bidder. Woo's famed mythic filmmaking is far from subtle, with heroic Hunt frequently slow-motion walking through fire, smoke, or other similar devices, replete with a white dove among pigeons to signal his presence. The emphasis on romance is an attempt to develop character and a more human side to superspy Hunt, but still the dreary story proves a distraction from the exciting action sequences. John Polson (as an MI team member) is an Aussie talent to keep an eye on. ''--N.F. Mendoza'' ===DVD Features=== *"Behind the Mission" Exclusive Cast and Crew Interviews *"Mission Incredible" Stunts Featurette *"Impossible Shots" 11 Amazing Stunt Sequences Including Exclusive Interviews with Tom Cruise, John Woo and Stunt Coordinator Brian Smrz *Commentary by John Woo *"I Disappear" Metallica Music Video *Alternate Title Sequence *"Mission Improbable" A M:I-2 Inspired Parody from the MTV Movie Awards *English Subtitles *Dynamic Interactive Motion Menus *Scene Selection ===VHS Features===
  • "Mission Incredible": Stunts Featurette
  • "Impossible Shots": 11 Amazing Stunt Sequences
  • "Mission Improbable": A M:I-2 Inspired Parody from The MTV Movie Awards


    Tom CruiseEthan Hunt
    Dougray ScottSean Ambrose
    Thandie NewtonNyah Nordoff-Hall
    Ving RhamesLuther Stickell
    Richard RoxburghHugh Stamp
    John PolsonBilly Baird
    Brendan GleesonJohn C. McCloy
    Rade SerbedzijaDr. Nekhorvich
    William MapotherWallis
    Dominic PurcellUlrich
    Mathew WilkinsonMichael
    Patrick MarberTrain Driver
    Anthony HopkinsMission Commander Swanbeck

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