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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie


They skydive, they kickbox, they travel through space. Is there anything these crayon-colored teens can't do? The answer seems a resounding "no," until some construction workers unwittingly open a manhole cover and loose Ivan Ooze upon Angel Grove. Although incarcerated in his egglike tomb for 6,000 years, Ooze gets right to work at that world domination thing. First up: Strip those eager teens of their morphin uniforms and associated powers and send their leader Zordon to his crystalline deathbed. There's nothing to do but head for a distant planet to meet up with a bikini-clad warrior babe who imparts ancient wisdom and power. Meanwhile, Ooze has been turning parents into zombies who craft giant metallic insects--all the better to take over the world with. This 90-minute film features some cast changes from the Fox television series, as well as better special effects and extended fight scenes, which account for the PG rating. Parents must weigh in for themselves on the famous violent-influence-or-not question. Although, like anything else, what seemed violent in 1995 may seem a bit tame today. Ages 5 and up. --Kimberly Heinrichs


Karan AshleyAisha Campbell/The Yellow Ranger
Johnny Yong BoschAdam Park/The Black Ranger
Steve CardenasRocky DeSantos/The Red Ranger
Jason David FrankTommy Oliver/The White Ranger
Amy Jo JohnsonKimberly Hart/The Pink Ranger
David YostBilly Cranston/The Blue Ranger
Paul SchrierBulk
Jason NarvySkull
Paul FreemanIvan Ooze
Gabrielle FitzpatrickDulcea
Nicholas BellZordon
Peta-Maree RixonAlpha 5
Mark GintherLord Zedd
Julia CortezRita Repulsa

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