: : : Mighty Aphrodite
===Story=== Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for her performance as a bubbleheaded hooker and porn star who happens to be the mother of a bright young boy adopted by a Manhattan couple (Woody Allen and Helena Bonham Carter). The story finds Allen's sportswriter character becoming curious about the identity of his son's biological mom, and he strikes up a relationship with her without revealing why. This 27th feature written and directed by Allen is a nice combination of smart comedy and some of the wackier energy of his earliest movies. (Between scenes, there's a running gag involving a Greek chorus--actually filmed among some real Greek ruins--who do song-and-dance interpretations of the script's events.) This isn't Allen at his best, but it is a fine minor work graced by Sorvino's spin on the cinema's archetypal dumb blonde. ''--Tom Keogh''


Woody AllenLenny
Helena Bonham CarterAmanda
F. Murray AbrahamLeader
David Ogden StiersLaius
Olympia DukakisJocasta
Peter McRobbieLinda's Ex-Landlord
Paul GiamattiExtras Guild Researcher
Peter WellerJerry Bender
Mira SorvinoLinda Ash
Michael RapaportKevin
Jack WardenTiresias

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