: : : Micki + Maude
===Story=== Blake Edwards, who managed to capture middle-aged angst so well in ''10'', managed to offend a variety of constituencies with this sporadically funny take on that reliable laugh-getter, bigamy. Well, not bigamy, technically: Dudley Moore is only married to one woman, Micki (Ann Reinking), but she's too busy to have the baby he longs for. He winds up in an affair with Maude (Amy Irving), who gets pregnant, thus satisfying his paternal urge. Except that then Micki announces that she, too, is pregnant, doubling his pleasure--and his problems. Twin pregnancies lead to a variety of complications, particularly because Maude's father is a professional wrestler. And when both women wind up delivering in the same hospital on the same day, well, director Blake Edwards does what he can to make this sordid situation seem comic--which it is as long as you don't think about it too much. ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Dudley MooreRob Salinger
Amy IrvingMaude Salinger
Ann ReinkingMicki Salinger
Richard MulliganLeo Brody
George GaynesDr. Eugene Glztszki
Wallace ShawnDr. Elliot Fibel
John PleshetteHap Ludlow
H.B. HaggertyBarkhas Guillory
André the GiantAndré the Giant
Big John StuddBig John Studd
Chief Jay StrongbowChief Jay Strongbow

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