: : : Mickey Blue Eyes
===Story=== ''Mickey Blue Eyes'' was crafted as a vehicle for the stammering British charm of Hugh Grant (star of ''Four Weddings and a Funeral'' and ''Nine Months''), so whether or not you like the movie will depend heavily on your affection for Grant. He plays an art auctioneer who falls in love with schoolteacher Jeanne Tripplehorn (''Basic Instinct'', ''Very Bad Things''), who just happens to be the daughter of mobster James Caan (''The Godfather'', ''Misery''). To protect Grant, Tripplehorn tries to fend off his proposal of marriage, but some miscommunications lead to Grant being embraced by the "family." After the mob decides to launder money through Grant's auction house, an accidental killing results in Grant pretending to be Mickey Blue Eyes out of Kansas City (the sight and sound of Grant trying to say "fuggedaboudit" was undoubtedly what sold the movie in the first place). The plot isn't as well executed as it could be, but the leads are all well cast and there are some excellent supporting performances, particularly Burt Young (''Rocky'') as a myopic mob boss and Scott Thompson (from the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall) as a sprightly FBI agent. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


Hugh GrantMichael Felgate
James CaanFrank Vitale
Jeanne TripplehornGina Vitale
Burt YoungVito Graziosi
James FoxPhilip Cromwell
Joe ViterelliVinnie D'Agostino
Gerry BeckerFBI Agent Bob Connell
Tony DarrowAngelo
Vincent PastoreAl
Frank PellegrinoSante
Mark MargolisGene Morgansen
Aida TurturroItalian Waitress

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