: : : Michael Winslow: Comedy Sound Slapdown!

Michael Winslow: Comedy Sound Slapdown!

===Story=== From a mind-bending Jimi Hendrix solo to a calming tide, Michael Winslow can re-create the soundtrack of your life. With his mouth, that is. If you've ever heard a parrot deliver a frighteningly accurate impression of a fax machine, then you've got an idea of what it's like to behold the freakishly talented Winslow, a sound effects maestro and comic actor (''Police Academy'') who takes mimicry to a higher (as in "interplanetary") plane. In this concert performance, Winslow offers some knockout pieces, including his aural portrait of a hip-hop French waiter, a rottweiler chasing kids, and a merger of two ancient sitcom casts--specifically, ''Sanford and Son'' and ''The Andy Griffith Show''. On the downside, Winslow is terrible, even puerile, as a more conventional stand-up comic peddling cheap jokes. This show works best when Winslow skips the words and makes some noise instead. ''--Tom Keogh''


Michael Winslow

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