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Michael Flatley - Gold

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===Story=== For those who can't get enough of Michael Flatley's flaming feet, ''Michael Flatley: Gold'' may be the hottest ticket in town. It chronologically intersperses interviews with Flatley with scenes of his greatest hits, including ''Riverdance'', ''Lord of the Dance'', and other special performances. It's still a little awe-inspiring that Flatley was able to help turn the humble Irish peasant step dance into a spectacle evoking Elvis, arena rock, George M. Cohan, WWF Smackdown, and Siegfried, if not Roy--but the man's fans can't be denied. Those who like their moves with a little less flash will appreciate the earlier scenes, including a 1987 performance at the Kennedy Center; Flatley's passionate if preening reunion with the Chieftains in 1998 is also a thrill. ''--Anne Hurley''


Michael Flatley

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