===Story=== Another Eddie Murphy action vehicle that pales in comparison to hits like ''Beverly Hills Cop'', this standard cop movie fare still manages to be engaging on the strength of Murphy's ease in front of a camera. Murphy plays an unorthodox hostage negotiator for the San Francisco Police Department on the trail of the criminal who killed his partner. Paired up with a bright new trainee played by Michael Rapaport (''Beautiful Girls'', ''Mighty Aphrodite''), Murphy uses both his skills and his anger to hunt down the killer. A competent action movie, there are some standout moments such as a car chase culminating in a cable car shoot-out on the streets of San Francisco, and Michael Wincott's (''The Crow'') frightening performance as the villain. ''Metro'' offers up a standard action vehicle for Murphy to showcase his charm, as well as a moderate entertainment with some memorable moments. ''--Robert Lane'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Eddie MurphyInsp. Scott Roper
Art EvansLt. Sam Baffett
Michael RapaportKevin McCall
Donal LogueEarl
Denis ArndtCapt. Frank Solis
Carmen EjogoVeronica 'Ronnie' Tate
Michael WincottMichael Korda
Charleston PierceGreg Barnett
Paul Ben-VictorClarence Teal

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