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Metalocalypse is a show that satires celebrity-ism and celebrates and completely embraces the world of metal. The show follows the hugely popular Death Metal band Dethklok, who cause disasters (and laughs) wherever they travel. The show also contains cameos from some of metals biggest names such as James Hetfield, Mike Patton and King Diamond. Season One features the first 20 episodes, as well as special features such as guitar tutorials, extended scenes and video outtakes.


Tommy BlachaToki Wartooth/William Murderface
Victor BrandtGeneral Crozier/Cardinal Ravenwood
Mark HamillSenator Stampingston/Mr. Selatcia
Laraine NewmanVarious Voices
James HetfieldVarious Voices
Kirk HammettVarious Voices-
Brendon SmallSkwisgaar Skwigelf/Pickles the Drummer/Nathan Explosion
Jon SchneppDr. Gibbits
Laura SilvermanRebecca Nightrod
Andy RichterJ.F. Amarth

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