: : : Mercenary For Justice
===Story=== Soldier of fortune John Seeger is the best in the business…the business of kicking ass! When you're a mercenary, there's always going to be casualties, but no job is too treacherous for Seeger, who's blackmailed into orchestrating an impossible prison break, leading a team of heavily-armed soldiers on a deadly mission to South Africa to rescue the son of a billionaire arms dealer. But, when Seeger finds out he's been double-crossed, it's payback time, and now, there's going to be hell to pay!


Steven SeagalJohn Seeger
Jacqueline LordMaxine Barnol
Roger Guenveur SmithAnthony Chapel
Luke GossJohn Dresham
Michael K. WilliamsSamuel Kay
Adrian GalleyBulldog
Langley KirkwoodKruger
Vivian BieldtDekerk

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