: : : Melinda and Melinda
===Story=== A discussion between friends over coffee about the nature of comedy and drama leads to the story of a woman named Melinda, whose life is in turmoil. From there, the two playwrights at the table spin different stories of where Melinda's life might go, to the comic in one and the tragic in the other.


Wallace ShawnSy
Larry PineMax
Radha MitchellMelinda Robicheaux
Jonny Lee MillerLee
Chloe SevignyLaurel
Matt ServittoJack Oliver
Arija BareikisSally Oliver
Brooke SmithCassie
Zak OrthPeter
Will FerrellHobie
Andy BorowitzDoug
Amanda PeetSusan
Shalom HarlowJoan
David Aaron BakerSteve Walsh
Christina KirkJennifer
Steve CarellWalt
Chiwetel EjioforEllis Moonsong
Geoffrey NaufftsBud Silverglide
Josh BrolinGreg Earlinger

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