: : : Megadeth: VH1 Behind The Music - Extended Version

Megadeth: VH1 Behind The Music - Extended Version

===Story=== It's a sonic assault on the senses. They remade rock with rapid fire intensity to become on of the most dangerous metal bands on the planet. The brainchild of a metal maniac, Megadeth mirrored the speed and savagery on front man Dave Mustaine. They became titans of speed metal, but while Megadeth was thrashing music onstage they were trashing themselves off it. For years, the man who brought Megadeth to life was in a race to oblivion. Now take a supersonic ride to the molten core of speed metal, through VH1's Behind the Music in this Extended Version! This extended version features previously unreleased interviews, classic footage, "Moto Psycho" video and more. ===DVD Features=== #"Moto Psycho" Video #Photo Gallery #Vital Statistics #Outtakes/ Bonus Footage
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