: : : Meet the Spartans
===Story=== King Leonidas and his 13 Spartans battle the Persians (comprised of Paris Hilton, Transformers, Ghost Rider, etc.) in an attempt to protect their homeland. Meet the Spartans parodies hit movies such as 300, Happy Feet, Spider-Man 3, Meet the Parents, and many more!


Sean MaguireLeonidas
Carmen ElectraQueen Margo
Ken DavitianXerxes
Kevin SorboCaptain
Diedrich BaderTraitoro
Method ManPersian Emissary
Jareb DauplaiseDilio
Travis Van WinkleSonio
Phil MorrisMessenger
Jim PiddockSimon Cowell Look-a-Like
Nicole ParkerPaula Abdul Look-a-Like/Britney Spears Look-a-Like/Ellen DeGeneres Look-a-Like Hunchback Paris
Ike BarinholtzDane Cook Look-a-Like
Crista FlanaganUgly Betty Look-a-Like
Hunter ClaryLeo Jr.
Emily WilsonLindsay Lohan Look-a-Like
Stuart RigbyTom Cruise Look-a-Like

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this movie is just a cheap rip-off of 300, but still funny MeetTheSpartans
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