: : : Medicine for Melancholy
===Story=== ''Medicine for Melancholy'' tells the story of two young African-American twenty-somethings named Micah and Jo who wake up in the same bed without having any recollection of how they arrived to that point. From the appearnce of things it's obvious to even the casual observer that they've had sex. Realizing that neither knows the name of the person with whom they unexpectedly slept with, they introduce themselves over coffee, share a cab, and part ways. But when Micah shows up at Jo's apartment hours later to return the purse that she left on the backseat, a deeper connection could very well be possible. Where will this unexpected relationship turn? ''Medicine for Melancholy'' won the Special Jury Prize @ the 2008 Sarasota Film Festival for Best Cinematography. ===DVD Features===


Wyatt CenacMicah
Tracey Heggins'Jo
Elizabeth AckerHousing Rights Committee Member
Melissa BisagniCassandra Jay
DeMorge BrownMOAD Voice
Powel DeGrangeHousing Rights Committee Member
Chida EmekaHousing Rights Committee Member
John FriedbergHousing Rights Committee Member
Dana JuliusHousing Rights Committee Member
Ondine KilkerHousing Rights Committee Member
Erin KlenowMuseum Staffer
Phoebe Chi Ching KwokHousing Rights Committee Member
Tommi Avicolli MeccaHousing Rights Committee Member
Adam MoskowitzHousing Rights Committee Member
Jennifer SanchezHousing Rights Committee Member
Kenyatta SheppardHousing Rights Committee Member
Emily TaplinReceptionist
Brent WeinbachWaiter

  • Genre: Romance Movies
  • Director: Barry Jenkins
  • Producer:
  • Length: 88 Min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaFeb 6, 2009
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaOct 27, 2009
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