===Story=== Fans of the early-'60s sitcom are naturally disappointed by this more juvenile approach to the old concept, which found Navy Captain McHale commanding a merry band of hustlers in the Pacific. Tom Arnold plays the updated title character, and while there's every reason he could have done a fine job, the script eschews the show's tone for something broader and dumber. A lost opportunity, all right, and the original McHale, Ernest Borgnine, appears to give it his blessing with a cameo as Pentagon brass. ''--Tom Keogh''


Tom ArnoldLt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale
Dean StockwellCapt. Wallace B. Binghampton
Debra MessingLt. Penelope Carpenter
David Alan GrierEnsign Charles Parker
Tim CurryMaj. Vladikov
Ernest BorgnineCobra
Bruce CampbellVirgil
French StewartHappy
Brian HaleyChristy
Tommy ChongArmando/Ernesto
Anthony AziziBad News Henchman

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