: : : Maverick
===Story=== Inspired by the 1960s TV series that starred James Garner in the title role, this lightweight Western from 1994 proved to be a surprising box-office hit. Well, maybe not such a big surprise, since it's from the star and director of the ''Lethal Weapon'' movies, and operates with a similar combination of mainstream plotting and easygoing humor. Mel Gibson stars as card-playing gunslinger Brett Maverick, who meets up with wily gambler Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster) and a marshal named Zane Cooper (James Garner, trading his old role to Gibson) on his way to the World Series of poker in St. Louis. Maverick's trying to raise the $5,000 needed to join the high-stakes contest, but that's easier said than done due to a lot of unscrupulous competition and a twisting plot of tricks and deceptions. It's all played for laughs and action, so the movie never wears out its welcome, despite a running time that could've used a good trimming. It's also fun to see the rapport between Gibson and Garner, as if the present and former Mavericks were a kind of surrogate son and father, bonded by their mutual skill in charming and conning their way through tight spots. Director Richard Donner also pays tribute to old Westerns by casting veterans of the genre in cameo roles (including Bert Remsen, Dub Taylor, and Denver Pyle), and Gibson's ''Lethal Weapon'' costar Danny Glover pops in for a surprise appearance. None of this really adds up to much since the movie makes no pretense about taking itself seriously, but that's precisely why audiences found it so entertaining. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


Mel GibsonBret Maverick
Jodie FosterAnnabelle Bransford
James GarnerMarshal Zane Cooper
Graham GreeneJoseph
Alfred MolinaAngel
James CoburnCommodore Duvall
Dub TaylorRoom Clerk
Geoffrey LewisMatthew Wicker
Paul L. SmithThe Archduke
Dan HedayaTwitchy
Dennis FimpleStuttering
Denver PyleOld Gambler on Riverboat
Clint BlackSweet-Faced Gambler
Max PerlichJohnny Hardin
Art LaFleurPoker Player
Corey FeldmanBank Robber
Lauren Shuler DonnerMrs. D.
Vilmos ZsigmondAlbert Bierstadt
Waylon JenningsMan with Concealed Guns
Bert RemsenRiverboat Poker Player
Donal GibsonRiverboat Poker Player
Linda HuntThe Magician
Richard DonnerDealer
Danny GloverBank Robber
Margot KidderMargret Mary

  • Genre: Western
  • Theme(s): Wild West
  • Director: Richard Donner
  • Producer: Warner Brothers
  • Length: 127 min
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaMay 20, 1994
    EuropeJul 15, 1994
    AustraliaJun 9, 1994
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaSep 14, 2004
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8.8 / 10